Intelligent Conversation Monitoring for Your Projects on TeamWork

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ZipAlert is your extra set of eyes and ears. Its AI-powered analysis provides real-time insights into what's happening in your business. This enables you to identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits quickly.

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How Can Your Businesses Using TeamWork Benefit from Zipalert?

With ZipAlert, you can find positive, negative, and neutral conversations within your existing TeamWork projects. We go a step further, analyze the tone of conversations, and warn you when things are going wrong.

Protect Your Reputation

Find negative comments and talk to related employees and clients before they turn into a full-blown business crisis.

Find business insights
Improve your customer service
Identify and Reward Good Performers
Keep everyone informed

How Does It Work

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Connect to your BaseCamp Account

Connect easily with your BaseCamp account.

Choose Projects to Monitor

Select all or as many projects as needed from BaseCamp that you want to monitor.

Setup customized alerts

Setup as customized alerts to track all or specific projects and automatically notify different people on your team upon meeting specific conditions.

Who is it for?

ZipAlert is suitable for any company that works with teams and manages interactions with them using TeamWork. Even if you do not have external clients, ZipAlert can be extremely helpful in getting a sense of how your team is working together and whether there are potential issues that need to be addressed proactively.

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Zipalert securely connects with TeamWork and does not store any data. We simply process each message using our AI engine. We specifically do not access any sensitive data, such as personal details, financial information etc. We send you a smart alert when things are going wrong as per our AI engine so that you can then manually investigate and decide if any intervention is needed.

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